Primary Tillage


Combine deep-tillage action with unparalleled leveling action and you have the perfect tool for working in high-residue conditions, while satisfying low and minimum tillage needs.

Rolling Leveler 

The Unverferth model 75 Rolling Leveler is the ideal soil-finishing partner to pull behind your primary tillage tool. Its 16" diameter reels feature five spiraled, 3/8" x 3" beveled-edge blades for breaking clods, knocking dirt off rootballs, smoothing residue and leveling ridges for a more receptive spring tillage trip. Save time, fuel and engine hours for lowering your input costs.

Zone-Builder® Subsoiler

Like roots in a too-small container, your performance would be less than its best if you had to live and work each day in such cramped spaces. Yields suffer when compaction keeps roots from growing freely into the subsoil for optimum nutrient and water uptake. The Zone-Builder® subsoiler from Unverferth lets plants stretch their legs (and their roots) by opening passageways through the hardpan with minimal surface disruption. Long-term university research confirms deep-tilling with tools such as the Zone-Builder implement raise yields and income.

Implement Caddy

Big-tractor horsepower doesn’t do you any good sitting in the shed; put it all to work with the Unverferth pull-type Model 300 and 500 Implement Caddys. The tractor-style, 3-point quick-hitch makes for easy, one-person hookup to virtually all 3-point equipment.

Tremor Subsoiler

The Tremor Subsoiler by Unverferth is made to be tough and aggressive against heavy compacted soil. Our Subsoilers come in different model sizes up to 9 shank folding wings.