Seedbed Tillage

Leveling Attachments

Finish what you start has always been good advice; especially when it comes to seedbed preparation. From smoothing and firming the soil behind a drill for better seed-to-soil contact, to knocking down ridges and breaking up clods behind a primary tillage implement, only Unverferth offers the variety of tillage extras you need for putting the finishing touches to any tillage or planting operation.

Maximus® Disk

The word maximus is Latin for "the greatest", and that's why it was chosen for this unique disk. For maximum disk tillage in a variety of applications, including between orchard and vineyard rows, look to the Unverferth Maximus™ disk.

Perfecta® Field Cultivators

Plain and simple, you'll build the perfect seedbed with the Perfecta® field cultivator. Save fuel and time by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass. Available in three models with a variety of sizes and configurations available to meet row-crop, orchard, vineyard, arena grooming and a multitude of other tillage applications.


The Unverferth Ripper Bedder uses deep till shanks and offset discs to create an ideal seedbed for peanuts, cotton and other bedded crops, saving you time and fuel by doing both in one pass. 

Ripper-Stripper® Strip-Till Subsoiler

Tillage serves three primary purposes: 1. Create a seedbed that warms quickly, 2. Provide optimum seed-to-soil contact for enhanced germination and vigorous early plant growth, and 3. Make it easy for plant roots, moisture and nutrients to move freely throughout the soil.

The Ripper-Stripper® strip-till tillage tool from Unverferth does it all - in one pass - spring or fall - whether cutting through prior year crop or cover crop residue.

Here's the best part. The Ripper-Stripper tillage tool is your one-stop, strip-till shop with a large variety of tillage,fertilizer and shank attachments to easily customize to your exact needs.

Rolling Harrow Single Basket

For soils that only need a lighter finishing touch, look to the pull-type single basket Rolling Harrow soil conditioner model 165. The scalloped blades, combined with the aggressively designed leading angle of the roller, ensure maximum soil penetration and mixing for superior chemical incorporation.

Rolling Harrow Double Basket

Our Models 225, 1225, 1245, 1645D, and 1645 double basket Rolling Harrow features heavy duty rolling baskets with thick high-carbon steel blades for maximum durability in high speed, high acreage operations.