20|20 Connect Now Available

Posted by Tom Stannard on 19 March 2019

20|20 Connect App

20|20 Connect is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This beta mobile app pairs with the 20|20 Gen 3 display allowing you to control health checks, system commands, GPS setup, and product setup right from your mobile device.

20|20 Connect is compatible with phones and tablets that meet the following software requirements:
                        Apple devices must have iOS 11 or newer software
                        Android devices must have version 7.1 or newer software
The app allows you to see all planting diagnose screens and currently controls health checks for vDrive, vDrive Insecticide, mSet, vSet Select, SpeedTube, and SmartDepth. vApplyHD health checks through the app will be available in a future app update. Sidedress, harvest, and seeder implement types are not currently supported.

How to documents are available in the cloud at the link below. A video explaining how to connect the app to the 20|20 is also available below and more will be added to the Connect page under Product Resources over the next few days.



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