"From start with the sales guy on the phone to the call back to set up the delivery to finish with delivery guy to my drive the service was fantastic.  I have shopped around for the last month and knew the kind of riding mower I wanted.  After talking to several other dealers including the Cub Cadet company themselves, Wellington Implement was hands down the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  This was the first time I've used them and they for sure have a new customer in the future.  I am very happy with the service."

-Dave M.

"Pam, Brad and the service staff at Ashland exceeded expectations. They were respectful of my time. Communicated clearly without excuses, prompt in returning phone calls and helped to solve my issues with a down mower. They treated me as a customer although I hadn't purchased there yet. 

Ready for a replacement, I had several options purchasing a new scag . Seeing value past the product, knowing this dealership will keep people productive and successful. My previous experience with Service built a confidence that reasonable expectations will be taken care of after the sale. Josh in the sales department did great.  He didn't waste my time, adapted and communicated through my platforms promptly. The sale was simple, efficient and personable. 

Overall, this organization is well run and the entire crew works with purpose. Happy to see unity and not egos. I will be purchasing more here. Thanks!"

-Jimi C.

"When I was looking at everyone from Home Depot to TSC, to C & C sales, Farm and Home Hardware and others, a farmer friend of mine dropped off your sales circular and simply said, "a dealer will take care of you" and I told him, "yeah, probably if I was buying a $40,000 tractor", but I was wrong. You guys were great." 

-Craig N.

"Thanks for the help with the combine.  (The other local Case IH dealer chain) showed up last night and changed the configurations.  Works fantastic now.  This is the second time you and your guys have saved us on equipment that we didn't purchase from you.  It really shows us the kind of company you are running and we really appreciate it." 

- Stark County, OH

"Wellington Implement's service team did a great job with pickup, follow up and explanation of the problem with my garden tractor.  The interaction was easy and informative.  The text messaging system works great and I was struck by how easy it was to stay in touch on the status of my repair and couldn’t be more pleased."

-Matt K.

“Wellington Implement’s service department has always tried to work with me, on anything.”

-Sydney B., Cub Cadet 3000 series owner

“The tractor and combine mechanics have done a great job fixing and explaining equipment to me. A big part of my satisfaction.”


“They always treat us like they want our business and they respect us. That means a lot to us.”

-Jim and Frank , Case IH 6088 & 7088 Combine owners

 "In our pursuit of a new dependable tractor we reviewed our options of a Troy-bilt and a Cub Cadet.  We visited the box stores to view both brand named units. The box stores reviewed with us the different features of both units. At Home Depot the store sales group stated that there was no security to insure that any units had not been tampered with.  The units did not have any mechanic to insure the blades were in balance. Any unit including Cub Cadet would need to get additional servicing before usage.
     We decided to visit our nearest Cub Cadet Dealer which was Wellington Implement. We showed up at just as they were closing for the day. John Scheerer stopped and showed us around on his own time. He went through all the different units available at his location. We took some time to decide on which unit would work for our property. We had to measure to make sure the unit would fit through our storage barn doors. Our Barn measured 50” so the LTX 1046 tractor with the 48” deck would be perfect. 
he following week we returned to Wellington Implement to make our final decision.  We met with sales man, Don Wacker. He let me sit on the LTX 1046 unit I was interested in, showed me all the great options. This was the selling point that I needed. I told him this would be the easiest sale he ever had. We walked into his office and signed the papers. I could not take the unit that day. Don told me about the 9 points that the dealership would review before my unit was ready for pickup. The blades were balanced, the tire inflation was checked, the battery was checked for a full charge, the oil was topped off, the fuel tank was filled the unit had been started and run. We had full warranty through their dealership. If our unit needed any service they would come and pick it up for servicing. Our unit was running when it was placed in our truck. The parking brake was set and we were on our way. At our location, we were ready to unload the tractor. We started it up and drove it down our ramps and we were ready to cut.
     I’m glad I took the time to make the decision to purchase a Cub Cadet from a dealership. We were treated great. It was a pleasure doing business with Wellington Implement and their team. I would recommend anyone to visit and purchase a unit from Wellington Implement.
We are proud to be part of the Cub Cadet Family”

-York Township - Medina, Ohio

“The facility is clean and well lit. Personnel are friendly, attentive, and helpful.”

-Ramona G., LT1850 Lawn Tractor owner

“Everyone goes out of their way to help me and explain everything I ask about.”

-Ernie S., Case IH JX80 Tractor owner

“Good stock of parts for my equipment.”

-Steve A., Case IH Magnum 305 & 16/31 Planter owner

“Always willing to help resolve a problem.”

-Dwight S.

“It’s great being able to deal with the same person year after year.”

-Steve B., Commercial Cutter/Landscaper

“They do a great job with timely service.”

-Chris W., Commercial Cutter

“We traded in four (other color) tractors. Now we are a “Red Tractor” family. We plan to remain loyal Wellington Implement customers.”

-Pat and Ken G. Case IH Tractor owners

“Great service and after the sale follow up.”

-Ralph F.