Salt Spreaders Liquid Applicator 100 gal

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Save Space, Insure Efficiency

Meyer Anti-Icers help you be more efficient when snowstorms arrive. Because the area is pre-treated, you won’t need as much manpower or materials to clear the area of snow and ice.

Our Anti-Icers are designed with a unique space-saving design, so you can carry other equipment with you. Anti-Icers are available in different capacities: 100 gallon (perfect for utility vehicles), 200 gallon, 300 gallon and 400 gallon (class 2-5 vehicles).

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Stay Dry in Your Cab

You can control all functions, including engine starting and stopping, from inside or outside of the cab using a wireless controller.

Versatile Pre-Treating

The Anti-Icer’s hitch-mounted spray bar can be easily removed. It features five hand-adjustable spray nozzles for precise placement of the material. The adjustable spray gun features multiple spray nozzles and extra-long, 150-feet hoses. These help you pre-treat high foot traffic areas like sidewalks and steps.

Heavy-Duty Engine

The 6.0 HP Subaru engine in the Meyer Anti-Icer starts with an electric wireless starter.


Who Has Time for Downtime?

Your snow and ice control equipment needs to be up and running so that when the weather calls, you can answer. At Meyer, we build reliability into our products. Some of the built-to-last features of our liquid applicators include: 

  1. Poly Hopper – Our space-saving design allows you to carry other material or equipment, and will not corrode

  2. Lockable Lid - Helps prevent theft and material contamination

  3. Jet Tank Agitation - Keeps concentrate mixed properly for improved performance

  4. Adjustable Spray Nozzles - Five spray nozzles adjustable in three different patterns provide exact material placement for reliable pre-treatment

  5. Optional tension bar - Keeps hopper secure for reliable performance

Ease of Use

Anti-Icers Built for You

Having the right equipment for the job is vital, and no one understands that better than Meyer. And when it comes to Anti-Icers, one size doesn’t always fit all. By using the chart below, customize the right Anti-Icer for you to combat winter weather.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Liquid applicator for pickup trucks and utility vehicles
  • Vehicle: Class 2-5 vehicles (200-400 gallon units) and utility vehicles (100 gallon units)
  • Materials: Liquid, de-icing material
  • Motor: 6 HP Subaru with electric wireless start
  • Flow rate: One-lane coverage; 8-20 gallons per minute and 60 PSI
  • Hopper Construction: Corrosion-resistant polyethylene


Part #: 64209 Hopper Width:60"
Hopper Depth:39"
Hopper Height:31"
Total Height:35"
Spread Width (min-max):N/A - 1 Lane Coverage N/A Empty Weight:410 lbs
Max Capacity Load:100 gal
Max Capacity Weight:1210 lbs
Spreading Material: Water Soluble Liquids Warranty: 1 Year Hopper Material: Poly
Spinner Diameter:N/A
Spinner Material: N/A Tire Diameter: N/A Frame Material: