Salt Spreaders BL-125

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Heavy-Duty Motor

At the heart of the BL-125 tailgate spreader is an elevated heavy-duty electric motor built to withstand the harshest winter snow conditions. A fitted rubber cover seals the motor to protect it and the drive system from the elements, ensuring reliable performance.

A poly weather cap keeps precipitation and moisture out for clump-free spreading. The BL-125 frame features corrosion-resistant gloss black powder paint for years of reliable use.

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Adjustable Salt Shield

The adjustable salt shield allows the salt to be directed directly onto the area you want to treat. The shield adjusts up or down depending on the salt output you require. Move the shield up for wide-spread material output needed in snowy parking lots, or place the shield down for a narrow spread pattern needed on walkways and sidewalks.


Take a Look Inside Reliability

This all-new BL-125 ATV spreader comes standard with features that make this spreader a reliable performer:

  1. Corrosion-resistant poly hopper
  2. Built-in material agitator for even material flow
  3. Adjustable flow rate allows regulation of material output
  4. Impeller spinner shaft adjusts spread pattern from 3-10 feet
  5. Elevated motor with cover protects the motor from the material being applied and the elements
  6. Spinner salt shield protects ATV bumper from salt output

Ease of Use

Easy to Attach and Remove

The Meyer Base Line-125 ATV Spreader arrives assembled in a box, so installation is quick and easy. The universal rear-rack mounting system allows you to attach the BL-125 spreader to the back of your ATV quickly and easily. Two poles conveniently insert into the mounting brackets and attach with pins.

Convenient Controller

Controlling the BL-125 is done from the comfort of the operator’s seat using an on/off switch with flow control. That means operating the BL-125 couldn’t be easier, and removing the spreader is just as easy.


Hopper Width  29.5"
Hopper Depth  16.5"
Hopper Height  36"
Total Height  N/A
Spread Width (min-max)  3' - 20'
Empty Weight  45 lbs.
Max Capacity Load  125 lbs
Max Capacity Weight  170 lbs
Spreading Material  Bagged Rock Salt
Warranty  1 year
Hopper Material  Poly
Spinner Diameter  12"
Spinner Material  Poly
Tire Diameter   
Frame Material