Salt Spreaders BL750

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The Perfect Spreader For Small to Medium-Scale Jobs

Base Line tailgate models are easy-to-use and perform well for small- and medium-scale jobs. The BL-240 is available in a 3.7-cubic-foot capacity, the BL-400 is available in a 6.3-cubic-foot capacity, and the all-new BL-750 is available in a 10.5-cubic-foot capacity. An integrated motor guard protects the 1/6 HP electric motor, and it also serves as a storage stand for the spreader during off-season.

Patented Course Brush Auger Prevents Material Leakage

The 1/6 HP direct drive motor applies the torque directly to the patented course brush auger to provide an even flow of material to the spinner for complete and steady material coverage. Plus, the coarse brush auger prevents material from leaking through the throat of the hopper, so you are no longer spilling money on the ground.

Keep Moisture Out

To keep moisture out during snow storms, so material stays dry, the Meyer BL series spreaders come with a lid with heavy-duty, easy-to-use locking straps.


Small But Mighty

When it comes to managing snow and ice, there is nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment. That's why we make the Meyer BL-240, BL-400, and BL-750 reliable and affordable and even back them with a two-year warranty.

In-Cab Controller

With the touch of a button, the highly intuitive and reliable variable speed (fast, slow and vibrate) touch-pad controller is easy to use and delivers a precise spread-pattern of up to 25 feet. To adjust the spinner from 0 – 9, simply press the “faster” button and the updated speed will illuminate on the face of the control pad.

Durable Construction

All Meyer BL-240/400/750 spreaders are manufactured under Meyer's stringent quality standards. These spreaders are fully assembled, tested, operated and packaged right off the assembly line to ensure product quality.

The hoppers are made of rust-proof, high-density polyurethane to stand up to the toughest wear and tear, and the hopper frames are powder coated with automotive style paint. We know no one’s perfect, not even you. So in the event you back into something, the motor is protected by an integrated motor guard made of tubular steel.



Hopper Width  35"
Hopper Depth  26"
Hopper Height  33"
Total Height  46"
Spread Width (min-max)  3' - 25'
Empty Weight  132 lbs
Max Capacity Load  750 lbs
Max Capacity Weight  750 lbs
Spreading Material  Bagged Rock Salt
Warranty  2 year
Hopper Material  Poly
Spinner Diameter  9"
Spinner Material  Poly
Tire Diameter   
Frame Material