Salt Spreaders Hotshot 70 HD Broadcast Spreader

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Hotshot walk-behind broadcast spreaders come in two sizes and three models. They are equipped to spread in confined areas, thanks to an easy-to-remove deflector shield that prevents the material from flying too far.

Hotshot-70 Heavy Duty (HD)

Holds 1.5 bags of fertilizer or ice melt, has a rust-proof stainless steel frame and a polyethylene hopper.


Get Years of Reliable Service

Our proven construction process ensures years of reliable service. Hotshot hoppers are made of high-density polypropylene and the frames are powder-coat painted, butt-welded and coated with epoxy. The axle and wheel bearings/bushings provide self-lubrication with excellent wear and load-carrying performance. 

Meyer offers a 1-year warranty on the Meyer Hotshot Spreaders, parts and labor. Replacement parts and accessories also carry a one-year warranty.

Keep Material Dry

The custom-fitted, see-through cover comes standard on the Hotshot-70/70 HD /100 HD. It keeps the weather out of the hopper and keeps the material inside, dry and clump-free.

Ease of Use

Glide Over Tough Surfaces

Pushing a fully-loaded spreader over snow and ice or uneven terrain can be frustrating. With a Meyer Hotshot, you’ll glide over the toughest surfaces because Hotshots have 13-inch-diameter, heavy-duty ice-gripping pneumatic tires driven by a gear-assisted axle with self-lubricating bearings/bushings. Made out of heavy-duty Nylatron GS impregnated with Teflon®, the greaseless gears are smooth all year long.

Easily Control the Flow of Material

The ergonomically friendly T-handle features a convenient push-button shut-off to quickly and easily stop the flow of material.

Easy to Adjust Flow Rate

The material flow rate is easily adjusted with an easy-to-read wheel. Hotshot spreader settings correspond to other spreader models. Meyer also provides guidelines for application settings based on particle size.


  • Hopper Width 19.5" 50 cm
  • Hopper Depth 14.5" 37 cm
  • Hopper Height 11.5" 29 cm
  • Total Height 41.5" 105 cm
  • Spread Width (min-max) 0' - 12' N/A - 5 kg
  • Empty Weight 36 lbs 16 kg
  • Max Capacity Load 1.3 cu ft 36,8 L
  • Max Capacity Weight 70 lbs 32 kg
  • Spreading Material Sand, Salt, Seed & Any Free Flowing Material Sand, Salt, Seed & Any Free Flowing Material
  • Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
  • Hopper Material Poly Poly
  • Spinner Diameter 12" 30 cm
  • Spinner Material Poly Poly
  • Tire Diameter 10" 25 cm
  • Frame Material Stainless Steel