Salt Spreaders Hotshot-50 Drop Spreader

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The Hotshot-50’s large-capacity polypropylene hopper holds up to 50 pounds of free-flowing granular material and resists corrosion. It features an adjustable rate control and spring-loaded on/off switch, allowing you to drop just the right amount of material every time and reduce material waste.

Large Tires for Easy Spreading

The Hotshot-50's large 12-inch diameter five-spoke tires and rust-proof composite rim make it easy to use on snow or ice. This workhorse fits your walk-behind spreading needs, all at a price that will fit your budget.

Adjustable Handle

Set the handle to your desired height with easy-to-adjust bolts and wing nuts.

Adjustable Rate Control

The adjustable rate control allows you to drop only the amount of material needed for the job.


Durable construction and quality materials make the Meyer Hotshot-50 drop spreader a great investment for snow and ice-removal professionals that need to treat narrow walkways and paths.



  • Hopper Width 20" 51 cm
  • Hopper Depth 10" 25 cm
  • Hopper Height 10" 25 cm
  • Total Height N/A N/A
  • Spread Width (min-max) 20" - 20" 9 kg - 9 kg
  • Empty Weight 25 lbs 11 kg
  • Max Capacity Load .8 cu ft 22,7 L
  • Max Capacity Weight 50 lbs 23 kg
  • Spreading Material Dry, free-flowing Dry, free-flowing
  • Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
  • Hopper Material Poly Poly
  • Spinner Diameter N/A N/A
  • Spinner Material Poly Poly
  • Tire Diameter 12" 30 cm
  • Frame Material Carbon Steel