SV Series

Ultra-small width of only 680mm that allows passage through 700mm wide gates

(Minimum track width)

More and more old houses need renovation, including work on water pipelines and sewage. However, some of these old houses have gateways as narrow as 700mm, preventing the access of regular mini excavators. This is why Yanmar's SV08-1 Ultra-Mini Excavator with variable undercarriage was born. With its width of only 680mm, access is no longer a problem. The small and slim Ultra-Mini Excavator enters easily into tight areas.

Excellent turning performance. Rear turning radius of only 725mm

Its extremely compact body keeps rear overhang to just 305mm at maximum track width, thus bringing even better turning performance in narrow passages.

Excellent stability when reaching both over front and side

Designed for Stability
Giving good operational stability to a small unit is no easy task, but Yanmar achieved it successfully. Despite being the narrowest excavator in the 0.8t class, it can dig a trench with great stability.