Salt Spreaders Elite 6 B&S

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Spend Time on the Job, Not Maintaining Equipment 

Designed for contractor use, the Elite pickup insert spreader allows you to spend less time adjusting or cleaning and more time on the job.  It provides the best performance possible, every time you use it. Performance-enhancing components standard on the Meyer Elite insert spreader include:

Spinner Prevents Material Buildup

The spinner assembly is constructed of maintenance-free poly for a long life while the 14” poly disc is designed to perform.  The coned center hub is better balanced and prevents material build up around the spinner shaft.  Interrupted directional flighting provides a more consistent spread pattern up to 30’.

Top Screens

The carbon steel Drop-n-Loc top screens prevent large chunks of material from entering the hopper which can cause damage to the drag chain and reduce performance.  They feature three supports for added stability and are sectional for easier hopper access and safer removal.  The screen edges are recessed to prevent interference from added accessories and to protect the screens and clips from damage.

Built with Safety in Mind

Elite spreaders are CE certified. Safety features include a material top screen, enclosure for front bearing, drive chain guard, integrated fork-lift pockets, a work light, brake light and poly engine shroud. 


Designed to Outperform the Competition

Designed for the needs of the professional contractor, Meyer's pickup insert hopper spreader is built with more maintenance-free materials and parts to provide durability and to protect against damaging weather and chemicals. The no maintenance, newly designed light hopper features formed floor supports for more strength and stability.  Body jacks with integrated tie downs have standard 24” spacing making it easier to add liquid tanks.  Universal longitudinal design allows for the interchanging of all drives.

Efficient and Maintenance-Free Operation

The patented inverted-V conveyor shield is tapered.  This design moves the center of gravity to the center of the truck’s chassis and makes the vehicle more stable on slippery roads. The bolt-in replaceable floor is easy to maintain.  Full length rubber chain shields eliminate leaking material.

Two Chain Wipers

Second chain wiper removes any residual material on the drag chain bar flights.

Eliminate Frequent Adjustments

Tensioner to the drive chain keeps constant tension on the spring eliminating frequent manual adjustments.

10-Year Warranty on Idler Assembly

Elite spreaders come with a ten-year warranty on the maintenance-free poly idler.

Ease of Use

Poly Spinner System Attaches/Detaches Easily

The Elite UTV insert hopper spreader is built to be easy-to-use. The new lighter poly spinner with formed handles and pin connection makes attaching and detaching a breeze.  The spinner chute, available in four height options, has a spring-loaded shaft connector that keeps the spinner engaged.  

Wireless Controller

At the touch of a button, the easy-to-use wireless controller allows the engine speed to throttle up and choke as well as turn on and off.

Easy to Lift Hopper

Corner lift points make the Elite hopper safer and easier to lift.

Integrated Gas Springs Allow Easy Maintenance

Gas engine Elite Spreader models come standard with gas springs. This allows the engine shroud to remain in the open position during refueling and maintenance.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Insert Hopper Spreader
  • Vehicle: Pickup Truck
  • Length: 5' (LPV), 6' (PV), 8' (PV)
  • Capacity: LPV - 0.5, PV -  1.5 and 2.0 cubic yards
  • Materials: Salt, 50/50 salt-sand, sand
  • Construction: Stainless Steel


Part #: 67042
Hopper Width: 50"
Hopper Depth: 72"
Hopper Height: 36"
Total Height: 55.25"
Spread Width (min-max): 3' - 30'
Empty Weight:  
Max Capacity Load: 1.5 cu yd
Max Capacity Weight: 600 lbs
Spreading Material: Rock Salt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix
Warranty: 1 year
Hopper Material: Stainless steel
Spinner Diameter: 14"
Spinner Material: Poly
Tire Diameter:  
Frame Material: