Salt Spreaders Blaster 750R

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Patented Brush Auger Prevents Ice Melt Leakage

Ice melt is expensive, and the problem with most tailgate spreaders is that it leaks out of the hopper when the spreader is not in use. To prevent this money drain from happening, the Blaster 350 and 750 both come standard with a patented brush auger that prevents material leakage. The auger’s helix design also promotes a better draw down of material from the hopper.

Meet Our Movers and Shakers

Meyer "S" Series Blasters

Meyer “S” Series Blasters have been designed to systematically create a steady flow of material to the spinner.  “S” Series Blasters come standard with an on-demand vibrator, a load-bearing baffle plate – that lessens the pressure on the auger, and a multi-spiked auger that reaches deep into the hopper.  All of these work together to break up coagulated material creating a constant flow of material to the spinner.  This means you get reliable performance in less than perfect conditions.


Toughest Motor Available

Blaster spreaders feature a ½ HP direct-drive motor, the most powerful motor available today. The direct-drive system links the motor directly to the auger, creating up to 75% more auger power to easily grind through large chunks of material and provide an even material spread pattern even through the toughest conditions. Check out more information on the Blaster’s heavy-duty motor and the other features that keep this spreader performing year after year.

  1. Stainless steel shaft
  2. Cast iron end bells
  3. Double sealed ball bearings
  4. Marine grade caulking at all joints
  5. Water tight harness connections
  6. Extra-large armature and copper windings
  7. Powder coat finish 

Durable Hopper

Blaster hoppers are made of rust-proof, high-density polyurethane and feature heavy-duty locking straps to keep moisture out and ensure the lid stays on at all speeds.  The hopper frames are powder coated with automotive style paint to resist rust.

Stainless Spinners

The nine-inch spinners are made of stainless steel for durable performance and reliability.

Weatherproof Connections

The electrical harnesses include watertight, marine-style connections to protect them from the elements.

Motor Guards

Optional motor guards protect the motor when backing up.  The guards also double as storage stands in the off-season.

America's Best Warranty Protection

We’re so confident of the quality built into every Blaster, we back them with the best warranty in the industry.  All Blasters registered at are backed with a five-year warranty.

Ease of Use

One-Touch Auto Control

One-touch operation provides total and easy control over Blaster spreaders. The illuminated in-cab controller (patent pending) includes an on/off switch, blast mode which provides an on-command 70 amp surge, and a vibrate mode.  Regulate the spinner speed with variable speed controller. The spinner even stops automatically when the brake is applied, so no material is wasted at a stop light.

But the controller isn’t the only feature that makes the Blaster easy-to-use. Check out our variety of easy-to-install mounting options.

No Material Waste

Leaving a pile of de-icing material on the ground, while your vehicle is stopped, is a thing of the past thanks to the Blaster controller’s patented no material waste feature. Activating is easy; place your foot on the vehicle brake for five seconds, and the Blaster spinner automatically stops …no more ice removal material pouring out at a red light! Remove your foot from the brake, accelerate, and the Blaster spinner will automatically start so you can go about your spreading job knowing no material or money has been wasted.

If You Have the Truck, We Have the Mount

Flat beds, dump trucks, tailgates…you name the backend, and we have the mounting system for it. There are eight different do-it-yourself mounting options, including our most popular two-inch receiver mount standard on the Blaster 750R.


Hopper Width  49"
Hopper Depth  24"
Hopper Height 35.5
Total Height  N/A
Spread Width (min-max)  3' - 20'
Empty Weight  229 lbs
Max Capacity Load  12.8 cu ft
Max Capacity Weight  750 lbs
Spreading Materail Bagged Rock Salt
Hopper Material Poly
Spinner Diameter 9"
Spinner Material  Stainless Steel
Tire Diameter N/A
Frame Material N/A