2020 display panelData drives decisions.

20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment
When you make better decisions in your next pass through the field, you make better decisions next season, and throughout the future of your operation.

Are you equipped to make the right decisions for your operation? The new 20|20 opens the door to your data Farming used to be based on almanacs and guesswork. You crossed your fingers. The new 20|20 puts all the data you need at your fingertips. Whether you're stopping in the field to make a fix, evaluating your approach for the next pass, or choosing your purchases for next season, you need the right data for the job.

The highest-fidelity data in the industry

With 20|20, you don’t see historical data or generic information from a satellite. You see data from your field, in real time. With the addition of control systems like vDrive, DeltaForce, and the new SmartFirmer, your story only becomes richer.

Customize your view in HD

20|20 fits the way you farm Take control of the data you collect, and choose from a limitless number of customizable views. See what information is most important to you, and understand what’s going on during every pass through the field.