rowflow easy calibrationPlant For The Right Population

Each motor plants the population precisely by zone.

  • Execute Variable Rate Prescriptions
  • Avoid Overpopulation
  • Swath Control
  • Compatible with eSet






rowflow details under seedsenseFrustration Free Accuracy

If you’re just starting to use variable rate prescriptions, you’ll find it easy to get going. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll see improved accuracy.

Incredibly accurate swath control is standard. RowFlow’s clutch timing is based on actual seed data, not expected coverage or distance, so you get the precision that leads to maximum productivity from every field. Control of liquid fertilizer on the planter and side-dress applicator are optional.

Your RowFlow package comes with the RowFlow module (RFM), cab control module, base harness and 20/20 software update. It connects to your 20/20 SeedSense and is compatible with all popular planters.

RowFlow capabilities, and results in the field

Go with the flow to plant the right population, for the zone it’s actually in. Execute variable rate prescriptions and avoid overpopulation. RowFlow continually monitors clutch performance and suggests changes, plus it gets the right seeding rate in the right place. Diagnostics are done right with RowFlow. Tools for validating setup and diagnosing issues make it easy to fix problems, should any occur. Getting your variable rate prescriptions right isn’t a big deal anymore — all while raising yields.